Feedback, 2018

live performance in the form of a collaborative crit and feedback session at Turf Projects / Croydon Arts Store, as part of Art Licks Weekend 2018


As an associate artist at Open School East, this collaborative and participatory work was presented as part of Art Licks Weekend 2018.

Responding to the theme of Peripheries’ we set up a pop-up-office-hub at Turf Projects in Croydon to comment on the admin intensive world that artists inhabit on a daily basis. Utilising forms of admin, communication and organisation such as applications, emails and Google Drive,

Feedback attempted to reimagine the potential for these modes to create open and fulfilling exchange.  

A microcosmic art exchange program, advice centre, exhibition & archive. We inhabited the space as a working office hub through which the public could interact with Open School East associates. Through this work, our aim was to mirror the ethos of Open School East, by which participation was free and open to the public - to allow everyone access to critical exchange. 

We invited members of the public to share works and documents with us, welcoming artworks of any kind, including previously failed submissions
or Arts Council applications. Feedback also encouraged participants from non-art backgrounds to submit works, creating a space for critical feedback, showcasing and archiving of these works. Participants were offered the possibility to discuss their work with us via phone, email, google-drive, Skype or in person.