Let The Record Show, 2018 (excerpt)

Hyundai Ioniq, dash cam, text, LED lights, microphone, portable amplifier, cloth

A performance of Outspoken Word + Subliminal Bass by Swan Nemesis, presented in the car wash at the corner of Athelstan and Northdown Road in Cliftonville, Margate.

Excerpts in the form of text based posters and interactions were disseminated in various locations in the area. 

Part of There Goes The Neighbourhood, an experiential taxi ride and ‘drive by listening tour’ through the neighbourhood directly around Open School East, Margate.

This artwork was composed of multiple elements:

Hood Musics
a mixtape of music representing the many sociocultural groups living and working in close proximity to Open School East, compiled using material collated through street discussions

listen here

Streets is Watching
installation of dash cam footage taken during the ‘drive by tours’ and displayed on two mini iPads inside Open School East

supported by Open School East

video footage by Matthew de Pulford

photo by Rosie Lonsdale

photo by Rosie Lonsdale